Draft programme of the 10th Session of the Winter Forest School at IBL „Current problems of public communication and education in forestry”
Sękocin Stary, 13-15 March 2018

Registration of participants
Inaugural address
Part I: Current challenges of forest education
1. Challenges for forest science and education (Marek Turčáni, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague)
2. Educating forest educators (Magdalena Frączek, University of Agriculture in Kraków)
3. Ethics in public communication (Stanisław Ormanty, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw)
4. Current contents and methods of forest education (Wiktor Naturski, Association of Forest Educators; Magdalena Stępińska, State Forests Information Centre)
5. Efficiency of activities in forest educational facilities (Anna Pikus, Directorate-General of the State Forests; Aleksandra Piasecka, State Forests Information Centre; Grażyna Głuch, Artur Sawicki, Forest Research Institute)

Part II: Current state and prospects for development of forest science and education
6. Forest research capacities in Europe (Marko Lovrić, European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland)
7. Further education in forestry sector in Slovakia (Peter Balogh, National Forest Centre, Zvolen, Slovakia)
8. Current state and prospects for development of secondary forestry education (Jacek Krawczyk, Ministry of the Environment and a representative of a forestry secondary school )
9. Forest and wood sector in view of:
- higher forestry education development (Henryk Żybura, Warsaw University of Life Sciences)
- forest research development (Krzysztof Stereńczak, Forest Research Institute; Jerzy Kapral, Directorate General of the State Forests)
10. The role of associations in disseminating forest knowledge (Tomasz Borecki, Andrzej Kawalec, Forest Friends Society; Jan Łukaszewicz, Polish Forest Society; Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz, Association of Foresters and Wood Technologists)
11. Contribution of the Polish Academy of Sciences to forest science development (Andrzej Grzywacz, ordinary member of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
12. Possibilities and effects of financial support for forest education (Roman Wójcik, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management)

Part III: Communication of foresters with the public
13. Communication in state forest organisations (Gerhard Oesten, University of Freiburg, Germany)
14. The role of media in communicating foresters with the public (Pat Neville, Coillte, Ireland)
15. How to speak about forestry so as to be better understood by the public? (Salvatore Martire, European State Forest Association EUSTAFOR)
16. The history and the future of forest education in Europe (Bastian Kaiser, Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences, Germany)
17. Public relation in forestry - best practices (Milan Sarvaš, National Forest Centre, Zvolen, Slovakia)
18. Challenges and prospects for development of public communication in the State Forests (Sławomir Trzaskowski, State Forests Information Centre; Anna Malinowska, Directorate-General of the State Forests)
19. Creating image of a forester and contemporary forestry by mass media (Adam Łaszyn, reporter, public speaking trainer)
20. The role of social media in building awareness and attitudes towards forestry (Bartłomiej Rak, Socjomania)
21. Current perception of hunting (Diana Piotrowska, Polish Hunting Association; Jan Błaszczyk, Directorate-General of the State Forests)
22. Forest scientific journals and forestry magazines – current state and development strategies (Joanna Szewczykiewicz, Forest Research Institute; Artur Rutkowski, Głos Lasu; Urszula Zubert, Las Polski)

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